5 Great Sledding Hills in North Conway

When it comes to classic winter fun, sledding is at the top of the list. Every New Englander remembers their favorite childhood sledding hill. And anyone who has seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has longed for a Clark Griswold-style sledding experience. Well, for the daredevils out there, as well as those looking for a more relaxed experience, here are our suggestions for the best places for sledding in North Conway!


Hurricane Mountain Road

This is a steep and winding road around 5 minutes’ drive from Cranmore. In the summer, the road connects Intervale/North Conway and Chatam. In the winter, the road is closed and gated off to vehicle traffic, which makes for an excellent sledding hill. The hike up is about a mile and a half, so there is plenty of sledding to do on the way down! Be cautious as snowmobiles are permitted on the road during winter.


4 Corners at Kearsarge

Very near Hurricane Mountain Road is a smaller, more manageable sledding hill. At the intersection of Hurricane Mountain Road and Kearsarge Road, you will come to a 4 way stop. Nearby is a hockey pond and a nice sledding hill in an area known as Whit Dupree Park. This is an especially convenient sledding area if you’re staying in our nearby vacation rental home! It can also serve as a good warmup for an adventure up the closed section of Hurricane Mt. Road described above.


Schouler Park (Mud Bowl)

This is another small sledding hill, but it’s very conveniently-located right in downtown North Conway. The Mud Coliseum is right behind the North Conway Community Center adjacent to Schouler Park. The Coliseum is the site of an annual football event called the Mud Bowl, and in the winter time the slope down from the park to the football field makes for great sledding. It’s right near many of the shops and restaurants in downtown North Conway, and is within a one minute walk of the public ice skating rink, so you can make an afternoon of it. It’s also very near the Pinkham Vacation Rentals office in case you want to stop in and book a stay for your next visit to North Conway!


Cathedral Ledge Auto Road

Similar to the hill at Hurricane Mountain Road, this is a long, steep, and winding road that is closed off during the winter to vehicle traffic. Here’s a video of some intrepid sledders to give you an idea of what to expect! The views from the top can’t be beat – on a clear day you can look down into the valley and see all of North Conway Village, Mt. Kearsarge, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Cranmore. Make sure to sled down the auto road and not down the ledge itself!


Tubing at Cranmore

If you don’t want to haul sleds around or walk up the hill, there is always the option of the tubing park at Cranmore Mountain. Here, you can rent a tube and use the rope tow to be hauled up to the top of the hill and come sliding down. This is a great option if you are traveling with a group that includes some skiers. Non-skiers can tube for several hours and then enjoy the base lodge. The hill is groomed specifically for tubing, and there are attendants on hand to monitor for safety, so this is also a great option for young kids.


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