6 Reasons to Stay at a Vacation Rental Home

Travelers have a wide range of accommodation options these days, from hotels to bed and breakfasts to vacation rental homes. While each has their strengths, there are distinct advantages to vacation rentals that you simply won’t find in other accommodations. Here are six reasons to choose a North Conway vacation rental for your trip!



Hotels tend to be clustered near the center of town, which is great if you plan to spend your entire trip there. In an area like North Conway, though, you’ll want to spend some of your trip downtown, some of it in the mountains, and some of it at the shopping outlets. You might even have multiple groups heading out for different activities at once! Or perhaps you want to be off the beaten path in a quiet wooded chalet. Pinkham’s Vacation Rental homes are located all throughout the Mount Washington Valley. You have much greater control over where you stay, so you can choose a great location for your group’s itinerary.


Full Kitchen

One major advantage that a vacation rental home has over a hotel is access to a full kitchen, with all of the standard appliances you’re used to at home! A big perk of traveling is trying delicious local restaurants, but sometimes you just want a quick bowl of cereal before you hit the slopes. Or maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion and want to enjoy a big, home-cooked meal with the family. Access to a kitchen also makes your trip more affordable, as you can eat a few meals out and cook a few as well.


Multiple Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Gone are the days of packing everyone into two double hotel beds. With vacation rentals, you can truly customize your trip! Does Uncle Dave snore? Well, book a vacation rental where he can have his own bedroom! Traveling with children? Book a vacation rental where the kids can camp in one room and the parents’ can have their own! On vacation with multiple families? Book a home with separate wings or floors to give everyone privacy and peace of mind! Vacation rentals offer a range of sleeping options to perfectly suit your group.


Multiple Living Areas

When you’re traveling with a large group, it’s great to be able to divide up and spread out in the evenings. Vacation rentals often have multiple living areas. The kids and teenager can gather downstairs for a movie or some ping pong, while the adults can lounge in the the main living area. Or, football fans can enjoy the game while the rest of the group relaxes and reads by the fire in the nook. The opportunity to vacation your way, in your space, is a luxury afforded by vacation rental homes.



At a hotel, you’ll be surrounded by other travelers anytime you leave your room. You’ll hear the bumps and bangs of other vacationers entering and exiting their rooms throughout the night. At a vacation rental home, you’ll have the peace of mind when you lay down to sleep and night that you won’t be awoken by other travelers. You can wake up in the morning and enjoy breakfast without interruption. You can relax by the fire after a day of skiing in peace and quiet. The privacy offered by vacation rentals homes is unmatched.


Unique Experiences

Pinkham’s vacation rental homes are all owned by individual homeowners who love their homes. The owners vacation here themselves, and each home is unique. You can truly choose a home that fits your group’s personality. Whatever amenity is most important to you, there’s a home that has it. Hot tubs, fire pits, woodstoves; take your pick! One of the best things about a vacation rental is that the memories you make will be all the more distinct because of the unique accommodation you chose for your group. You’ll want to make it an annual tradition.


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