Best Bakeries in North Conway!

There is nothing better than waking up to fresh baked goods. Muffins, donuts, croissants… hey, why not a cupcake? It’s important to treat yourself sometimes in life, and a tasty baked treat will serve that purpose well. Here are the best North Conway bakeries to hit during your vacation!


Leavitt’s Country Bakery

If you’re looking for traditional New England baked goods, Leavitt’s is the spot for you! Freshly made cider donuts, tasty chocolate-covered donuts, and donuts filled with jam… whatever you’re craving, Leavitt’s will hit the spot. They’re open early (we’re talking VERY EARLY – 4am!!!), so don’t be shy about stopping by first thing in the morning! The donuts are fresh-baked; donuts don’t come crunchier or creamier than these! Stop by the farm stand next door for some cider to go with your donuts!


White Mountain Cupcakery

If fancy is your thing, the White Mountain Cupcakery is your bakery! They have a wide range of delicious cupcakes on offer. If you’re craving something chocolate, pick up a Chocolate Avalanche or a Chocolate Raspberry cupcake. They have decadent red velvet cupcakes and fruity lemon cupcakes too. For a true treat, stop by on Wednesday or Sunday for a Maple Bacon cupcake! Now that’s something! They also make custom-designed cupcakes of all varieties.


Old Village Bakery

This bakery is a true old-fashioned shop that will appeal to fresh bread lovers, francophiles, and anyone with a sweet tooth! They serve a range of home-cooked breads, including the all time favorite of the French, the baguette! Pick up a few loaves to whip up delicious sandwiches or soak up olive oil while you stay in one of Pinkham’s Vacation Rental homes! Or treat yourself to a muffin, scone, or coffee cake!


Big Dave’s Bagels

In our opinion, these are the best bagels in town! Big Dave’s does not specialize in sweets. Rather, they offer freshly made New York style bagels and delicious deli sandwiches. Of the North Conway bakeries on this list, this is the one to visit if you’re planning to have lunch!



If you have a party coming up, Riverstones is the best place in town to get a custom cake baked! They can do anything and everything, whatever you’re looking for. Need a cake shaped like a spaceship? They can do that! Need a special flavor like Smores? They can do that too! There’s no limit to how creative you can be in your design, and Riverstones can help make it a reality.




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