Check Out the Living Shores Aquarium!

The new Living Shores Aquarium at Story Land in Glen, NH is a wild adventure that both kids and adults will enjoy. Keep reading to learn more about all the amazing exhibits and interactive experiences you will find at the new aquarium!

Photo Credit: Living Shores Aquarium

Spend the Day

The Living Shores Aquarium is big: 32,000 sq. ft. of activities, interactive tide pools, and fun exhibits, in fact. Parents and kids will want to spend the entire day exploring what the aquarium. Many of the exhibits have scheduled educational talks by knowledgeable staff on the animals that call the aquarium home, which is a great learning experience for kiddos. Exploration Days for Tots are held on Tuesdays for children ages 2-5 and include story time, crafts, and learning. Children will also receive a copy of a featured book donated by the Believe in Books Literary Foundation. Finish your day with a trip to the aquarium’s shop. Your little will love taking home a plush fish friend they can snuggle up with back at your rental cabin from Pinkham Vacation Rentals!

Photo Credit: Living Shores Aquarium

Not Just Fish!

One of the underappreciated facts of aquariums is that they are often home to more than just fish. While the Living Shores Aquarium does indeed have lots of fish, there are also otters, a tropical walk-through aviary (colorful birds!), stingrays, sharks, invertebrates like horseshoe crabs, lobsters, and sea urchins, and more! Fun fact: did you know a group of otters is called a “romp”?

Photo Credit: Living Shores Aquarium

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Parents will love the hands-on experiences at the aquarium. Instead of repeating “don’t touch that,” you will love telling them to get their hands wet and touch that spiny crab! Listen to the squeals of delight as your little one sticks their fingers into the Freshwater Red Garra touchpool. Known as the “nibble fish,” these little fish are the kind that nibble gently at your fingers and toes. Or, dare your child to feed one of the 4 species of Rays living at the aquarium a snack as they glide by. Your child will even be able to tell their friends that they touched a shark (the little, friendly, not-bitey kind!) on their trip to the aquarium. Click here to learn more about the experiences offered at the aquarium.

Photo Credit: Living Shores Aquarium

Did Someone Say Lunch?

Stop hangry tantrums in their tracks with a stop at the Pasta Mia restaurant located within the Living Shores Aquarium. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salad are all available at the quick-service restaurant. Mom and dad will love the draft beers, Italian Margarita Mondays, and Wine Wednesdays courtesy of the full bar. Sundays are for the pizza buffet, and of course, gelato! Click here to see all of the delicious offerings.

Photo Credit: Living Shores Aquarium


The Aquarium is located on Route 16, six miles north of North Conway, a quarter of a mile from the junction of Routes 16 and 302 in Glen. If you bear right at the Storybook Inn, the aquarium is located just around the bend, next to Story Land. The Living Shores Aquarium offers free parking, and it shares a lot with Story Land.





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