Diana’s Baths

For many visitors to North Conway, Diana’s Baths is a must-see. It is a series of beautiful cascading waterfalls just a short drive from downtown. The walk to the falls is gentle, enjoyable, and shaded, which helps explain their popularity. The name “Diana’s Baths” dates back to the 1850’s, when a guest at a local inn named them after the Roman goddess of nature. Over the years, Diana’s Baths has remained one of the area’s most popular natural attractions.


Family Fun

One of the great things about Diana’s Baths is its accessibility. In total, the walk from the parking lot to the Baths and back is about a mile. This means the whole family, young and old, can join in. Once you reach the Baths, take a dip! You can go swimming in the cool, clear water. You can even bring your dog along, provided its kept on a leash.



Diana’s Baths is just a 5 minute drive from North Conway. This means you can spend your morning shopping, dining, and enjoying all that downtown North Conway has to offer, then make an afternoon trip to the Baths. You can stay even closer to the Baths if you rent a vacation home like 7 Merrimeeting Chalet, 15 Merrimeeting Chalet, or 3405 West Side Road!



Please be mindful of parking rules. Diana’s Baths is a very popular natural attraction, and there are specific guidelines regarding where it is OK to park your vehicle. There is a large parking lot which is often full, as well as shoulder parking (all four tires should be off the pavement). If it’s a busy time of day at the baths, it might be worth doing some shopping or sight-seeing and stopping by later in the day! The parking fee is $5 per vehicle.


Extending the Trip

If you’re in the mood for a longer hike, you can ascend North Moat Mountain from the Diana’s Baths trailhead. This is a fantastic hike with excellent 360 degree views from the summit. You can extend it even further by crossing the ridge to South Moat. Be sure to plan ahead for this and leave a car at the South Moat trailhead!


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