A World of Food in North Conway!

There are tons of great restaurant options for classic American food in North Conway. Delaney’s, Black Cap Grille, and the Moat Smokehouse are all excellent options. But why not broaden your dining horizons during your vacation? Maybe you’re visiting from abroad and want something familiar? Or perhaps you’re just craving something very particular – something spicy, cheesy, or sweet? Here are our top recommendations for exotic North Conway food!


Thai Food

There are two Thai restaurants in town: Taste of Thai and the Bangkok Cafe. Taste of Thai recently won the Conway Daily Sun reader’s choice award for best Thai food in the Valley! They are located a bit off the main drag, near the south end of town, but it’s worth the trip. They have delicious drunken noodles and Pad Thai, as well as a wide range of other classic Thai dishes. If you’re in downtown North Conway and you get a craving for Thai, Bangkok Cafe is there for you! It’s easy to miss the entrance door, but it’s well worth finding it. What the restaurant lacks in space, it makes up for in flavor. This is also a great option for takeout!


Indian Food

There is one place synonymous with great Indian food in North Conway, and that place is the Shalimar. They serve delicious spicy and mild curries, from red to yellow to green. They have a tandoori oven on-site, and their chicken is spectacular. Suggested meal: order a half-chicken cooked Tandoori-style with Tikka Masala sauce. And don’t forget the naan bread! The topping sauces make it extra-delicious. For a sweet and tasty drink, try the Mango Lassi! It’s the perfect mix between a smoothie and a milkshake.


Mexican Food

For something quick and delicious, visit Jalisco’s! You literally will not believe how fast your food arrives at the table: it’s almost as if they can read your mind. Don’t be surprised if you set the menu down and BAM, there’s your dinner! The food is as delicious as it is fast, and they serve excellent margaritas. If you’re traveling with a group, get a pitcher! Another option that recently opened in town is Luchador Tacos. If you like Chipotle, you’ll love Luchador. The name means “wrestler” in Spanish, and you will be wrestling away the rest of your friend’s burrito once you finish yours!


Italian Food

Well, perhaps pizza isn’t exactly exotic anymore, but no list of great food in North Conway can possibly leave off Elvio’s! Their pizzas are humongous and their toppings are varied. They also serve a variety of other chow, like calzones and subs. For more traditional Italian food, try Cresh’s Italian Kitchen. Or if you’re feeling fancy, Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro is located just off the strip in downtown North Conway. Vito takes his food very seriously and is a renowned chef in the area. Don’t miss it! If you’re traveling with a group that has varied tastes, try Via Roma! They not only have delicious Italian food, but they serve Greek and Mediterranean as well. Fantastic falafel and great gyro abound! 


Chinese Food

There are two options for great Chinese Food in North Conway. The first, and more luxurious of the two, is Peking. This is a large and well-decorated restaurant on the south side of North Conway. Peking’s barbeque spare ribs are absolutely fantastic. They also serve a mean plate of General Tsao’s chicken! And you’ll feel very relaxed in their large, comfortable dining room. The other option is China Chef. This restaurant is all about the food. It’s tastefully decorated, but the focus is on delivering you the tastiest Chinese food meal possible. The food speaks for itself! Try the egg rolls and sesame chicken!



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