Exploring the Redstone Quarry

Tucked away behind the outlet stores, there’s a unique historic gem in North Conway. Seated on Rattlesnake Mountain, the Redstone Quarry is a scenic time capsule. With a history as fascinating as the sights, the Redstone Quarry is worth a few hour side visit during your vacation!



The quarry was initially founded in the late 1800s, and operated all the way through 1948. The quarry would extract, carve, shape, and polish granite for many sites in New England and New York. Everything from large, flat sheets of granite to massive granite columns came out of the Redstone Quarry. During World War II, the quarry largely produced for military contracts as a part of the war effort. Today, you can see the relics of many buildings and machines scattered throughout the woods. For additional information, visit this informational website to learn more about the history of the quarry.



There are several stops on your self-guided tour of the quarry. There’s a large lathe with an unfinished granite column neary, overgrown by the forest. There’s a large finished granite column sitting alongside the trail. Running through some sections of the trail you will see the old minecart tracks, and metal cords weave through the trees. There’s a large barn / gathering hall eroding with time. Perhaps the most beautiful spot, especially in the Fall, is the quarry itself. It is now filled with water, so there’s a pretty pond below the rock face of the quarry. The foliage reflects beautifully on the water’s surface.



A casual stroll through the quarry is the best way to experience the sights, but there are also fun activities to take part in. A local mountain biking association maintains a network of free trails. Fun single track through the woods weaves throughout the woods. From the trails, you can also access the Green Hills Preserve, which offers hiking up three mountains: Peaked, Middle, and Black Cap. These are all great, introductory hikes which are fun for the whole family!



Parking for the Redstone Quarry is located right next to Walmart in North Conway. At the traffic circle, bear right towards Walmart, then drive past the store instead of pulling into the lot. You’ll pull into a large dirt lot, and you’ll see a sign indicating the trail entrance.


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