Mud Bowl in North Conway!

There are many reasons to visit Mount Washington Valley in early September. The sun is still shining, the crowds have quieted down now that school is back in session, and the Fall chill hasn’t settled in yet. But on the weekend of September 6th, 2019, there’s one more reason to visit: the Mud Bowl in North Conway!


Mud Bowl

Mud Bowl takes place every year in Hog Coliseum behind the Community Center. Over a dozen teams take part and games are played as a tournament. For several days before the Mud Bowl, workers flood the field to create the perfect muddy milieu for the event. By the end of the first quarter, the players are totally covered in mud, and if you stand to close to the action, you might be too! That’s part of the fun for some people, but there’s plenty of space on the hillside for those who prefer to stay clean and dry.


Schedule, Teams, and Theme

The first games starts on Friday and games continue throughout the weekend. Many of the same teams come back to Mud Bowl year after year. Local favorites are the Mt Washington Valley Hogs and North Country Mud Crocs, but teams come from as far away as Massachusetts to participate. Each year’s Mud Bowl has a unique theme; last year’s was “Under the Sea”, and this year’s is “Mudeo Games”.


Entry and Raffle

The cost for entry is $15 and gets you into all games over the course of the entire weekend. Day tickets are also available, but the $15 weekend pass also counts as a raffle ticket for a $500 prize! To make it a truly affordable weekend, book your group a vacation rental home through Pinkham Vacation Rentals!



Mud Bowl is a fundraiser for the North Conway Community Center, Vaughn Learning Center, Carroll County Retired Senior Volunteer Program, and other local non-profits. The proceeds raised from the event will fund a lot of great work in the community. 



On Saturday of Mud Bowl weekend, there is a parade down Main Street in North Conway. Participating teams and mud bowl fans create their own floats. Prize money is awarded to the best float, and candy is abundant! All winnings are donated to charity, so vote for your favorite float!



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