How property owners can increase vacation rental bookings (and revenue)!

Vacation Rental Owners: are you looking for ways to get more bookings and revenue? For a small investment of time and money, there’s a lot you can do to increase vacation rental bookings. Here are just a few ideas:


Get great property photos

Most renters are making the decision to book your home based on what they can see in the photos. Clean your home until it sparkles, throw in some bright accents (pillows, bedspreads, artwork, etc), then hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos. Listings with bright, high-quality images are considerably more appealing to guests than listings where the property looks dark and blurry.


Add AC

Yes, you need AC in northern NH! Just ask anyone who stayed in a rental without it during one of the many hot, humid stretches we had this summer. You don’t need to install central air, but make sure you have AC in all bedrooms and living areas. You will get many, many more bookings, and save yourself a lot of time and energy by not having to deal with complaints from guests who booked without realizing that your property is not air conditioned.


Allow pets

Guests like to bring their pets on vacation. If you allow pets, you will get more bookings. We find that generally pets do not significantly accelerate wear and tear. If that is a concern, you can collect a pet fee (which means extra revenue for you).

Add games

Foosball, air hockey, pool, ping pong…these are all things that most people don’t have at home. Games make your property more than just a place to sleep; it becomes a fun part of the vacation. Game tables don’t have to be brand new either. Try finding good quality used on Craigslist or in the classified ads in your local newspaper.


Provide high quality bedding

Vacation home renters want the more personalized experience of staying in a private home, but they don’t want to sleep on a lumpy mattress under an old, pilled comforter. Investing in good mattresses and luxurious blankets will definitely improve your guests’ experience, which means they will come back (repeat business is the best!). Also, they will write good reviews which will help to get you increase vacation rental bookings.


  • Most important: LIST WITH A VACATION RENTAL SPECIALIST! The absolute best way for you to maximize revenue at your rental is to put it in the hands of a professional company with a record of success.


Why?  Because we have a full-time, dedicated staff that will:

  • Immediately respond to email and phone inquiries. Additionally, we answer questions from renters who have already booked.
  • Do a walk-through of your property before each guest stay. We ensure that the property is sparkling clean and all systems (wifi, hot water, etc) are working properly.
  • Ensure that all properties receive professionally cleaning between guest stays
  • Monitor and inform you of maintenance items that need to be addressed.
  • Compare rates with competitors to ensure that your property is as booked as possible at the highest rates possible.

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