Ski Gear – To Buy or to Rent?

The snow is starting to fall, and you’re starting to plan out a winter full of skiing. Then a question comes to mind: should you buy or rent gear for your North Conway ski vacation this winter? There are several things to consider when deciding whether to buy ski gear or rent it for your visit. Here are some of the important factors when deciding whether you’ll get better money’s worth out of a North Conway ski rental or buying your gear outright!



Perhaps the largest factor you need to consider is transporting your gear during a visit. In addition to your usual vacation luggage, remember that you’ll be packing ski pants, jackets, gloves, and more. After all of that is loaded up, will you have space for poles and ski boots, too? You’ll also need space to store the skis themselves! An overhead ski rack for the top of your vehicle can make things much easier, and a Thule rack can expand your trunk space. Keep in mind that ski gear is bulky, and that you’ll need to multiply the space required by the number of people joining you on your trip! Multi-day rentals are an option if you are visiting for a weekend, and can be kept at your vacation rental home between ski sessions.



Consider how often you will ski each year. Will you buy a season pass and ski every weekend, or just a handful of times over the course of the winter? Renting at the ski mountain is ordinarily $50 to $60 per day, and is less expensive if you rent at an independent business like Bob and Terry’s or Stan and Dan. Each time you use your skis you’re working towards getting value out of purchasing them rather than renting them, so this is another big factor to consider.



Kids grow up quickly, and ski gear that fits one season is highly likely to be too small for your children just a year later! Renting is an excellent option for kids under the age of 13, because otherwise you’re likely to be buying and selling skis and boots every year. Rental shops ordinarily rent children’s gear at a much cheaper rate, making it an even wiser option.


Gear Selection

One appeal of renting skis rather than purchasing them is that you can spend another $10-$15 to rent a high-end ski package rather than the basic loadout. This lets you try out the latest ski technology without having to invest a huge amount in top of the line skis. Alternatively, if you don’t need the latest and greatest, you’ll save that extra $10-$15 every visit if you go with the basic package.



Remember that if you purchase ski gear, you’ll need to maintain it! Skis need to be waxed and tuned each year. Bindings need to checked to make sure the boots fit securely. There are many shops in town which can take care of this for you affordably, or you can do it from home. Just keep in mind that you’ll need some workshop space and specialized equipment!


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