Snowshoeing in North Conway

North Conway offers access to unlimited options for winter fun. Downhill and cross-country skiing, snow tubing, ice climbing, and sledding are all staples of New England winters. Don’t forget about snowshoeing, a fantastic and often overlooked winter activity, as well as a critical component of winter hiking. Here is some information on snowshoeing in North Conway and the Mount Washington Valley!


The Basics

Snowshoes provide a wide base of support for your feet, which means the impact of each footfall is spread out over a wider area. This provides added stability, meaning fewer falls into the snow. When hiking in the Whites on mushy / soft snow days, snowshoes are critical. They prevent “post-holing” (when your boots sink into the snow up to your knees), making hiking much easier. This also protects the trail for future hikers, as post-holes make the trail uneven and tricky to navigate. Bring along a pair of microspikes and switch out if you cross out of mushy snow into ice as you ascend! See our blog post for additional tips on winter hiking!



Snowshoes are available for rental in North Conway on a day-by-day basis. The Great American Ski Company has rentals rates for 1, 2, and 3 days. They also offer rentals for ski and snowboard gear, so they can be your one-stop equipment shop for your weekend of fun. This is a great option if you want to stop in, get fitted for your gear, load it up in the car, and be ready for anything.


Maintained Trail Systems

There are several groomed, maintained trail networks in the North Conway area. These areas offer miles of smooth snowshoeing through the scenic Valley countryside. Great Glen Trails features 28 miles of skiing and snowshoeing; they also offer guided snowshoe tours and evening tours led by an experience Naturalist! Jackson Ski Touring, located in Jackson, NH, has 100 kilometers of maintained trails and features incredible views of Mt. Washington. King Pine is primarily a downhill skiing area in Madison, but is also part of Purity Springs Resort, which features snowshoe trails. Each facility also offers on-site gear rentals.


Chocolate Festival

There is a can’t-miss event in late February which you need to attend! The Mount Washington Valley Chocolate Festival features 27 delicious chocolate creations available at 18 different historic inns and trail-side stops. Cross-country ski or snowshoe between the stop-offs to pick up a delicious treat! Then ski or snowshoe on to the next one! Read all about the event in our blog post!


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