Spring in North Conway

Summer, Fall, and Winter are the peak seasons in North Conway, and it’s no mystery why. Beautiful weather, unbelievable foliage, and incredible skiing! But there is plenty to enjoy in April and May as well. Enjoy a Spring Vacation in North Conway, when the crowds are smaller but the Valley is just as beautiful!



The seasons change four times a year in New England, but one thing that never changes is the great deals at the outlets in North Conway. The shopping is tax-free year-round! With fewer people in the area, you’ll get a lot more shopping done and spend a lot less time in line. Stock up on beach wear at Express, buy something fashionable at Coach, or pick up some basics at Hanes or Home Goods. Looking further out, why not get next year’s school shopping done now and enjoy the summer without having to worry about it?



Again, small crowds will work in your favor. Local favorites like Delaneys, Horsefeathers, and the Moat are PACKED in the high season. Lines for a table sometimes run out the door. In the Spring you’ll be able to get a table easily without a wait, and the food and beer are just as good! You can expect a more personalized dining experience and faster service. A great way to combine a tasty meal with a scenic adventure is to reserve a seat on the dining car with the Conway Scenic Railroad! The trip offers great food and even better views.



If you’re looking for peace, quiet, and solitude, Spring hiking can’t be beat. You’ll run into far fewer people on the trails during the Spring season. Many times, you’ll have a trail completely to yourself. Keep in mind that conditions can vary greatly on the high peaks in the shoulder seasons (Spring and Fall). Check the latest weather forecast and make sure to pack the right clothing and equipment!



Photography and Wildlife

Spring is the season of rebirth, and a perfect time to dig out the camera to take some beautiful photographs. North Conway is known for its beautiful waterfalls, and they are never more active than in the Spring. As the snow on the mountains melts, it brings torrents of raging water down to Diana’s Baths, Sabbaday Falls, and Champney Falls, among many others. Additionally, the Covered Bridges look especially wonderful with fast-running river water rushing by. The local wildlife comes out from hibernation to greet world. Bear cubs, baby birds, fox kits, and tiny moose are all out and about in the Spring, so pay them a visit!



With a slower pace and smaller crowds, there is no better time to give your mind and body a rest . Take a view-filled ride up the chairlift at Attitash or Wildcat. Drive the scenic Kancamagus or through Crawford and Pinkham Notch. Visit The Soaking Pot for a rejuvenating spa day. Head to a local yoga or massage studio and give yourself a much needed break from the stress of everyday life.




If you need a place to stay for your Spring getaway, contact us at Pinkham Vacation Rentals. We’ll help you find the perfect place to enjoy all that the North Conway are has to offer this Spring!