Tips & Tricks for Your Best Story Land Visit Ever

No family vacation to North Conway is complete without a visit to Story Land! The amusement park provides a fun-filled day for the entire family, parents too! Story Land is conveniently located only 10 minutes north of North Conway in Glen, NH. Keep reading to learn our tips and tricks for your best Story Land Visit ever!

Save Time and Buy Online

This one is a no-brainer, buy your Story Land tickets online! No one likes waiting in line, especially small children who are full of excitement and energy. Save time, stress, and money by purchasing online instead of at the gate! Click here to buy now!

Littles Will Love It

Story Land is a theme park best suited for smaller children. According to their website, the theme park is geared towards children aged 2 to 12. Avoid sullen teenage boredom and just bring your smaller kids. Teens may have more fun at the new Living Shores Aquarium, click here to learn more.

Plan Ahead

Nothing is worse than getting everyone all packed up for a day of fun at a theme park only to have an afternoon thunderstorm rain on your parade. Or, you figured you would have plenty of opportunities to grab snacks and lunch, but the lines are long and your kid is hungry NOW. The point is, be prepared. You don’t have to over-pack for your trip, but have a couple snacks handy, maybe a quick change of clothes for accidents and water rides, and definitely sunscreen. Bring a stroller if you have one, in case of tired little legs, and to carry everything you need. Can’t fit one in your car? Rent one! Strollers are available for rental for $7 per day for a single, or $9 for a double.

Timing Your Visit

Did you know that rainy days have the lowest visitor count? Make the most of that and go play in the rain! Your kid might not mind as much as you think, especially if they aren’t made to wait in lines all day long! Remember to pack some warm and dry clothes for the end of the day, and go for it (the park will close rides if the rain is torrential and nonstop, though). Fridays and Sundays are also less crowded, according to the Story Land website.

Height Requirements

Be prepared to hop on the rides if your child is under 48” tall. That is the minimum height required for a child to ride alone on all rides. Bear in mind that some rides also have a minimum height of 36” to ride some of the rides in general, like the Flying Fish, Polar Coaster, and more.

A Place for Fido

Traveling with a dog? No problem! Story Land has free pet kennels, on a first-come first-served basis. Bring any supplies your dog will need to be comfortable (water bowls are provided and kennels are covered). Did you know that Pinkham Vacation Rentals also has pet friendly rentals? Check out 44 Aspen Lane  or 155 Town Hall Road.


Need a place to stay during your visit?

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