Visit the Stone Mountain Arts Center

Picture this: you are driving down a slim dirt road in rural Maine. Thick forest, farms, and marshland line the roads as you drive along. A large barn emerges from the trees. You park your car and walk inside. You open the doors and find… a crowd of people watching Bela Fleck perform? You’re at the Stone Mountain Arts Center, a fantastic hidden gem in Brownfield, Maine – just 25 minutes from North Conway! It is an incredible performance space converted from a post-and-beam farmhouse that features performers from all over the world.


Unique Location

The SMAC feels truly remote. After the 15th minute driving down a forested back road, you will really start to wonder if you’re going the right way. At a recent concert, the singer for Los Lobos said he was starting to wonder what he had signed up for the further they drove into the woods! HP Lovecraft’s stories about haunted New England barns may begin to come to mind. The idea of seeing major musical acts in what feels like the middle of nowhere is a strange one… but once you arrive, you’ll be very impressed. And if you book a stay with Pinkham Vacation Rentals, you’ll have a home base not far from the venue.


Intimate Atmosphere

It simply doesn’t get more intimate than Stone Mountain. You’ll feel like you’re right on stage with the performers, no matter where you’re seated. It is simultaneously open and airy while also very compact and cozy. The backstory of the venue is as fascinating as the music and the space itself. Carol Noonan, a musical artist and singer, teamed up with her husband to construct the venue. It involved relocating and reconstructing an old barn, building a stage, acoustically tuning it, and convincing major musical artists to make the trip! The SMAC also offers dinner, but make reservations and plan to arrive early, as dining service is limited (but delicious!).


Great Musical Acts

The musical acts are SMAC’s true bread and butter. Bela Fleck has performed at SMAC many times, as have Los Lobos. Raul Malo has played there, as have The Indigo Girls. Leo Kottke has done some finger picking and the Nevilles made the trip up from New Orleans! The SMAC has also featured comedians, such as Paula Poundstone and Bob Marley. The place to go for the latest updates on upcoming shows at the SMAC is their Calendar of Events. Book some tickets for your favorite act today, as the shows almost always sell out!


Other Events

The SMAC does more than just music, believe it or not. Book the venue for weddings and other functions! Contact the SMAC for more information on these arrangements.



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