Visiting Diana’s Baths

Right outside downtown North Conway is Diana’s Baths, a series of beautiful, easily reached waterfalls. The trail leading to the falls is a fairly easy walk, perfect for all ages and abilities. The name “Diana’s Baths” dates back to the 1850’s, when a guest at a local inn named them after the Roman goddess of nature. Diana’s Baths has remained one of the area’s most popular destinations for picnics, swimming, and exploring ever since!

Fun For Everyone

Diana’s Baths is one of the most accessible outdoor destinations in the area. The hike in is a gentle and shaded walk, and it is less than a mile to the falls. This means that both young and old are able to enjoy all the Baths has to offer. Well-behaved dogs are also allowed on the trail, but they must be leashed and owners are responsible for picking up after them. Pack a picnic lunch and your swim attire, and spend the day swimming and exploring the pools and enjoying nature. Be a responsible visitor, and pack out anything you bring in, please!

Park Smart

Be mindful of the parking rules when you arrive. This is a very popular trail, and therefore parking rules are enforced. Keep an eye out for the large parking lot (which is often full), and obey signs regarding roadside parking. Parking fees are usually $5.00 for cars. Generally as a rule, all four tires should be off the pavement when parking along the shoulder. Be sure to ask a parking attendant before you attempt to park anywhere that is not clearly designated, to avoid any fines.

Go the Distance

Feeling ambitious? Extend your hike to climb North Moat Mountain from the Diana’s Baths trailhead. You won’t want to miss the incredible 360 degree view from the summit of North Moat, which makes the 10.2 mile hike worth it. Don’t forget your camera! Take it even further by crossing the ridge to South Moat, just make sure you plan ahead and leave a car at the South Moat trailhead. Your legs will thank you!

Spend the Day Downtown

Since Diana’s Baths is only a 5 minute drive from North Conway, you can spend your day enjoying all the village has to offer. Spend the morning shopping, have an amazing lunch at one of the local restaurants, and enjoy the downtown scene. You can even stay closer to the Baths if you rent a cozy cabin or chalet like 7 Merrimeeting Chalet, 15 Merrimeeting Chalet, or 3405 Merriview Mountain Home!


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