Watch the Leonids Meteor Shower in the White Mountains

Plan a visit to the North Conway area this November and you’ll be treated to a perfect view of the Leonid meteor shower. With little light pollution, the White Mountains are the perfect spot for stargazing. Keep reading to learn more about our best tips for watching the Leonids in the White Mountains, below!

About the Leonids

The Leonids meteor shower, so named because they originate from the constellation Leo “the Lion”, will be peaking on November 17th just before dawn. The moon this year will be a waxing crescent and set in the early evening. That will make for a clear moonless night for watching the show. While the Leonids don’t typically produce a spectacular meteor storm, watchers can expect between 10-15 meteors an hour. Lucky viewers may see even more during the pre-dawn peak. Click here to learn about some great stargazing apps for your phone!

Drive Up the Kancamagus

Head up the Kancamagus Highway, known during daylight for its incredible scenery, and you are sure to find some great spots for White Mountain stargazing. You’ll find ample pull-offs, scenic overlooks, and trailhead parking areas, all great spots to catch the Leonids. Try and find a spot with few trees blocking the sky, certain areas in higher elevations are best for this. Want to make a night of it? Pick a campsite (always check online to see if reservations are required) from the many along the Kanc and set up camp for the night.  Always be sure to check signs before parking and be alert for wildlife, as well as other cars who may not see you in the dark.

Take a Hike

Hiking up any of the local peaks here in the White Mountains is a great way to view the Leonids. Be sure to only hike a peak you are physically prepared for, however. Do your research before heading out. It may be best to head out during the daylight hours and make camp for the night, thus avoiding potentially dangerous hiking in the dark. The payoff to your exertion will be incredible views of the White Mountains and the Leonids shower above. Check out this list here for tips and a breakdown of hikes by ability level. Above all, be prepared and be safe!

At-Home Stargazing

Does waking up before dawn and heading up into the White Mountains on a chilly November morning sound dreadful to you? We don’t blame you! Why not rent a house from Pinkham Vacation Rentals and stargaze from your very own rental home deck? Make a hot cup of coffee, bundle up in some blankets, get cozy, and look up! There are several homes available that will make perfect Leonids observatories for you and your family. Try 40 Covered Bridge Chalet, 84 Alpstrausse, or 67 Cranmore Circle.


Need a place to stay during your visit?

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