Where to Hike and Bike in the Middle of North Conway

Hike, Bike or Snowmobile in the middle of North Conway

The Green Hills Preserve is an amazing and accessible hiking, running, and biking area in the heart of North Conway. Maintained by The Nature Conservancy, the preserve is free and open to the public. It’s a great resource for exercise, relaxation, and spotting some of the local wildlife. There are several peaks within the preserve, including Black Cap, Peaked, and Middle Mountain. The trail system will even take you to the peak of Mt. Cranmore!


Hiking Options:

From the parking area on Thompson Road, you can take a pleasant 1.6 mile round-trip on the Pudding Pond trail. It’s a nice flat trail, great for runners and families with kids. During the Spring you’ll often see beavers building dens in the pond, as well as turtles resting in the sun on the rocks. For a steeper walk, the easy-to-moderate trails for Peaked Mountain (2.1 miles) and Middle Mountain (2 miles) are also accessible from this parking area. Both provide incredible Valley views for a relatively short hiking time.


From the Hurricane Mountain Road parking area, Black Cap is a very popular 1.1 mile hike. There are beautiful ledges at the peak. If you’re in the mood for a longer trip, you can traverse the ridge, starting at the Hurricane Mountain Road trailhead and first ascending Black Cap before taking the Connector trail to Peaked and Middle. From there, either hike back to the Hurricane Mountain Road parking area, or if you have two cars and plan ahead, take a shorter trip down to the Thompson Road parking area.



Biking options:

Additionally, the Redstone Quarry has a network of biking trails that weaves through abandoned mine buildings and cart tracks. It’s well worth an afternoon to explore the old mining buildings and equipment, whether on foot or by bike. Trails are well-marked and maintained by NEMBA, the New England Mountain Bike Association.

Snowmobiling Options:

In the wintertime, several of the trails are open to snowmobiles. The Corridor 19 snowmobile trail runs over Black Cap and connects Conway with North Conway. For more information on snowmobiling in the area, check out the Mountain Meadows Riders, our local snowmobile club.


Where to Stay Near the Green Hills Preserve:

Pinkham Vacation Rentals has several properties that abut the Green Hills Preserve. From 2 Northface, 3 Northface, and 41, 44 and 43 Bear Puddin Condos, you can leave your door and be literally in the mountains within minutes.

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